How to Write A Persuasive Essay

Now that you’re in college the expectations have changed. You can’t get away with writing a half-baked essay; no you have to write one that is exceptional. There has to be a beginning, middle, and end. Not only that the essay has to captivate and audience and be persuasive in its arguments. For some of you crafting such an essay is trivial, but for some it isn’t hard at all. For those who have a hard time crafting a great persuasive paper, this is for you.

Before You Get Started

It is always a great idea to map out your paper before you begin writing. You can use mapping tools in order to do this. Before you start your persuasive paper, you must establish a few things. These things are:

  • What is your position?
  • You will need to pick a side of the argument to advocate for.

  • Who is your audience?
  • You will need to be able to understand the reader of your arguments prospective, so it is important to know who it is that your paper will be speaking to. Is it a group of mother, or students…etc.?

  • Research the topic!
  • In order to write a persuasive paper you must become knowledgeable on the topic. The best way is through research that can back up your argument.

  • Making note of the key point!
  • Your paper has to be focused, so choosing key points are important in keeping your paper on topic. After you have identified all of these things, you must make an outline for your paper that will guide you in crafting the perfect persuasive essay.

Starting Your paper Out Right

In order for your paper to start out right you must have a beginning? The opening sentence must grab the reader’s attention. Using a hook in your paper will pull the reader in. You should also give an overview of what the rest of your paper will talk about and close with a thesis that will reflect your stance in the argument.

The Body

The body of your paper represents the meat and potatoes. It will include all the pints and supporting facts for your argument. You need to be sure you list your key points and refute such points that the opposing view may bring.

In Conclusion

The conclusion is one of the most important factors of your paper. Make sure to summarize and add that special point, to finish strong.

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