8 Prompts for Writing a good History Essay

If you are struggling with choosing a topic for a history essay, then you should know you are not alone. The fact that history encompasses thousands of years, it can be very difficult for students to figure out where to begin. Fortunately, most history classes are not about general history, so you should be able to narrow the essay to the topic of the class. However, there are still many general history classes, which means that many students are in the quandary of narrowing thousands of years of history into a brief essay of fewer than 1000 words. These are a few interest topics that cover a wide range of time:

  • Is attending college overrated?
  • Should the government impose a tax on unhealthy things like sodas, snacks, and fatty foods?
  • If we do not learn history, are we doomed to repeat it? Give examples.
  • Why should we study the Ancient world?
  • Are funerals, weddings, and other life events becoming too stressful and expensive?
  • What is the relationship between poverty and crime?
  • Should the First Lady be more involved in the Presidency and be paid?
  • How are immigration laws helping or hurting the United States?

Choose a Meaningful Topic

The key to making a prompt interesting to students is to make it something that students can actually relate to and research. If students are unable to buy into the prompt, then they will not be able to write an interesting essay. Today’s students have difficulty engaging in an assignment if they do not have a personal stake in the actually essay itself.

Engagement will Increase Success

When a student is engaged in a topic, they will often go above and beyond the task at hand. Interesting history prompts should require students to do some research. Many students enjoy researching a topic that they believe in. A good essay prompt will spark interest and students will want to get researching immediately. This gives teachers the opportunity to teach their students more than just the topic of the essay. They can teach their students researching skills as well as how to determine the validity of websites. A perfect prompt will allow the teacher to act more like a facilitator rather than just a giver of knowledge.

Invite the Students to Create the Topic

If you really want to engage your students, let them help you choose the prompt. When students have a sense of choice, their work ethic increases and they feel more ownership in the assignment.

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