7 Basic Characteristics Of The Standard High School Essay Format

Writing an essay might seem as not a very difficult task, but writing an essay properly is another story. If you want to get an excellent mark for your academic assignment, you should follow particular rules composing your paper. Otherwise, your score will be rather low.

Features of a Good High School Essay

  1. Narrow topic.
  2. The topic of a paper should be original and narrow so that the author can provide their readers with the new and interesting information. Broad topics don’t involve deep research and might be already known by plenty of readers.

  3. Strong thesis.
  4. A text should contain a well-written thesis statement – a sentence that determines the exact goal of an essay. A thesis statement should tie up together all the examples, points, or arguments presented by the author in the body.

  5. Five-paragraph format.
  6. An essay should consist of at least five paragraphs. You may include more paragraphs if your teacher permits. The first paragraph should be an introduction, a body should include three paragraphs, and the last paragraph should conclude your paper.

  7. Attention-grabbing introduction.
  8. The first paragraph of an essay should draw the interest of the reader to its topic. This is done by placing a hook (interesting fact, famous quote, etc.) at the beginning of an introduction. At the end of the paragraph, students usually place their thesis statements.

  9. Informative or argumentative body.
  10. Body paragraphs should present points or arguments of the author. The writer should introduce and interpret each point separately and support it with evidence from their sources or conducted research.

  11. Meaningful conclusion.
  12. The last paragraph should briefly restate the main idea of the author and their main points. It should explain how they connect with each other and why it’s important to know this.

  13. Well-written references.
  14. Many types of essays require the author to cite the sources used during their research. It’s important to format references according to the style stated in the assignment guidelines. The most popular styles are APA and MLA.

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