Five Bright, Persuasive College Essay Topics

One of the pivotal parts of producing an excellent and persuasive college essay is your choice of topic. If you get that right you're well on the way to producing a very good if not an excellent paper. Think carefully about your topic. Why have you chosen that particular topic? What do you know about this topic already? How much interest do you have in this topic? Is it something you will enjoy writing about?

Here are five bright persuasive college essay topics. They are all different. Some will appeal and some will not.

  • the world must turn green
  • the Internet should be free
  • punish the parents of bullies
  • gun laws should be changed
  • trolls should be exposed

The environment is a very popular topic today. Many people argue about the relevance and importance of global warming. There is no doubt about it that some of our resources are either running low or have the potential to cause damage to the planet. To ignore this topic is to run a tremendous risk for future generations. This topic is ripe for debate and there is a wealth of information available to make a case.

The Internet is a brilliant invention. It has done so much in the world of communication. If access to the Internet was free, everyone would be able to become involved. Education would undergo a revolution. People would be able to find out what is happening in various parts of the world. Again there is an enormous amount of detail available to make a case on this topic.

Bullying is a serious problem in so many schools. The fact that it involves children makes it all the worse. One possibility is for schools to announce their policy which would be that if a student was found to have been a bully, their parents would have to pay a fine. This of course is a controversial statement but the issue of bullying is extremely serious and needs a serious debate.

The easy access to guns is a serious issue. Rather than have a blanket ban on the private ownership of guns, a situation which would be highly unlikely to be passed by government legislation, you could argue that there is a middle ground. You could argue that people have to prove their ability to control and secure their firearm and be of a sound mind before they are entitled to have a license.

On the Internet, it is possible for people to make outrageous and cruel comments about other people. The people making these comments are known as trolls. At the moment they are able to make their comments anonymously. You could argue that Internet service providers would not be allowed to publish any material unless the person submitting that material could be identified.

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