Top 30 Argumentative Essay Topics You Can Cover

There is nothing like a good argument to clear the air, well, by contrast there is nothing like a good argumentative essay to blow the competition out of the water and set you on course for victory! Honing your argumentative writing skills is not always as difficult as choosing the topic for your argumentative essay in the first instance! After all, it can frequently seem as though certain subjects have been done to death.

However, in case you are still in need of a little inspiration here are the top 30 argumentative essay topics that you can cover:

  • Is taking performance enhancing drugs in sport really a crime?

  • Can pornography facilitate a normal, healthy sex life?

  • Are there any circumstances when adultery is a good thing?

  • Is there evidence to suggest that governments around the world have covered up evidence of alien life?

  • Is it ever okay to swear?

  • Should restaurants be legally obliged to provide menus for alternative dietary needs?

  • If a police officer shoots a civilian in the line of duty should they automatically be prosecuted?

  • Is it ever okay to shoot to kill?

  • Should we form a strategic alliance with the Iranians against groups like ISIS?

  • Should religious studies be banned from the classroom?

  • Are we on the brink of a third world war?

  • Should politicians put party politics to one side in the interests of national security?

  • Should we have an all-female line up of candidates for the American Presidency?

  • Are women better at decision making than men?

  • Is sexism in the work place ever justified?

  • Should it be a case of every man for himself in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

  • Does the left hand ever know what the right hand is thinking?

  • When is not acceptable to circumcise your child?

  • Is it time that Prince Harry found a bride?

  • Should the Queen pay for renovations to Buckingham Palace?

  • Is the British Monarchy even relevant anymore?

  • Was there a cover up involving the death of Princess Diana?

  • Is Donald Trump right to take such a hardline stance against Mexicans?

  • Is Hillary Clinton too old to become president?

  • Should there be an age limit for first-time American Presidents?

  • Should the Queen abdicate?

  • Should our system of government be changed so that there is an equal distribution of wealth among the citizens?

  • Can someone from a poor immigrant background really live the American dream?

  • Should the threat of international terrorism deter us from going overseas?

  • Is God more important than marriage?

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