Composing A Good Essay About The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Technology

A good essay is where you strike a definite balance by mentioning the pros and cons. This particularly relates to the argumentative pieces where you have to cultivate the existence of an entity, a policy or a way of life.

A worthy example

Let’s take an example. Let’s assess the positives and negatives of technology in our lives. Depending on perspectives, any side of the argument can have a field day. Here are the highs and lows of technology –

The highs

  • It cannot be argued that technology makes our lives more convenient. The scientists and researchers pour sweat and blood to infuse new ways to delight us in differential regimes through transcendental technologies.

  • It is a rope for the future. While old prejudices and mental blocks drive us towards past and inhibits our growth, technology is a way to embrace and proceed towards the future. In that sense, it is highly liberating.

  • Technology opens up other avenues. When a technology comes up, cerebral people conspire to think of a rival technology or a better version. Thus, it keeps charting waves never before realized. Technology shrinks the world. The major vision of all technologies is to bring distant articles and countries together. Thus, there is better interconnection and a grand feeling of being close to people who actually stay far.

  • Technology adds thrill in our lives as we enjoy privileges we can only dream of. Leave the television and cell phones; the escalator offers its own thrill particularly to the young brigade.

The lows

  • Technology makes people violently capable. Just think of what an atom bomb can do and you will get the essence of the earlier sentence.

  • It makes people dependent. Earlier, people utilized and exercise their muscles and tendon in washing clothes; now the washing machine helps you take a nap as cleanliness beckons.

  • Technology makes you lethargic. It is precisely the reason why people used to be fitter than the current generation. Of course, adulteration and pollution has also played their part.

  • It makes people deceitful and officious. There is a general bridge between people with gadgets and those who don’t. Also, people can now easily think of new ways to dupe others.

  • Technology is a bane for students in more ways than one. Now, they don’t feel like laboring for assignment solutions, fully aware that they can get their answers in a jiffy online.

With the help of these advantages and disadvantages, you can carve a striking essay with aplomb.

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