Nazi Propaganda And Josef Goebbels

Along with their vicious anti-Semitic policies and barbaric extermination of a vast portion of the Jewish population, the Nazis were well-known for their propaganda. The father of this brainwashing process went by the name of Josef Goebbels (he was the Propaganda Minister), who played a heavy role in almost all of the propaganda policies that the Nazis employed during World War II. It is through him and his ploys that they were able to ensnare the German population, swaying its people to the ideas of the Nazi party; provoking and inciting the urge to follow through with atrocities akin to the holocaust.

As the Reich Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment, Josef oversaw many—if not all—of the propaganda policies being endorsed by the Nazi party in Germany during World War II. The majority of his work was done to rally support for the Nazi cause and sway the general population, including the infamous burning of books (books which were considered decadent and harmful to the Nazi party’s control over the country). It is through his administration that the Nazi party also controlled the media, arts, and in any information found within Germany. He determined what the nation would know and what they wouldn’t, all but shaping their reality.

A very anti-Semitic man, Goebbels promoted stereotypes of Jews as immortal, clever, untrustworthy and ugly gypsies. He also instilled and supported the Rassenschande (also known as racial disgrace), which along with the Nuremberg Race Laws of 1935 prohibited the sexual relation between an Aryan and Jew. This was a punishable offense, which only fueled the desire of segregation between the two races. Being one of Hitler’s closest associates and most trusted fanatics, Goebbels was a devoted follower of all Hitler’s ideals including the horrendous “final solution.”

It is strange that such an educated man could believe in such nonsense. Goebbels earned a PhD from the prestigious Heidelberg University. He wrote novels and plays, though they were rejected by publishers. A master of propaganda, it would seem that he, himself, had fallen into the grip of the Nazi promises and eventually turned himself into one of its most powerful figureheads.

In the end, like most of the “champions” of the Nazi cause, Goebbels took the life of his family and then his own. It’s safe to say that he was the driving force behind the Nazi’s propaganda.

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