Using Comparison Essay Examples Efficiently: Basic Tips

A comparison essay is made up of more than just subject differences. If you only include the differences in your paper, it will end up sounding like a list. You also must concede similarities in your paper. There are many important rules to remember when composing a comparison composition. When you are using an example to write the paper, follow these basic tips for using it efficiently.


  • Look at Debate Sites: if you first want to see how a comparison is set up effectively, go to any debate site. While you probably won’t find a complete paper there, you will be able to get a glance at the compare and support pattern that is necessary for the composition to be effective.
  • Visit Your Teacher: go see your teacher and ask her what style she wants you to use, then you can eliminate any samples you locate that do not use the desired format. Asking this one question will save you a lot of time.
  • Look at the Paper Structure: when you find a paper that is well written, pay close attention to the structure. It should be seamless. There should be a difference, a support, and a statement on the difference. Then any similarities should follow with the exact same pattern. At times, if the argument is especially strong or controversial, you may see more than one support. This is a great thing to do in your piece.
  • Use as a Guide: use the highlighter system to set up your guide or model. You can color code the differences, similarities, and the support. Look to mark transitional devices and background information, as well. After you finish, the different colors will show you the desired structure for an effective paper.
  • Don’t Use the Paper as Your Own: use the found sample as a guide for you to create your own masterpiece. Do not take it and call it your own. You want to look at this process as a learning experience, not an easy way to get out of your work. Be smart when you use a model.

When you need to find a model to guide you through the process of writing your comparison paper efficiently make sure to look at debate sites, visit your teacher after class, look closely at the structure, use the sample as a guide, and don’t take the model paper and claim it as your own.

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