Ten Tips On Looking For A Professional Essay Writer

When you put your trust in completing a high-quality academic essay on someone else, you want to make sure you find out as much about that person as possible. It’s unwise to hire the first expert writer that pops up on some advertisement or is referred to you. You need to do a little of your own research to make sure you are hiring the best qualified writer to take on the responsibility of writing your assignment. Here are ten tips to follow:

  1. Search for Freelance Writers
  2. Start by first coming up with list of your own potential service providers. Look for freelancers who do the type of writing that is required in your academic field.

  3. Search for Writing Services
  4. You should also come up with a list of professional paper writing services to even out your options. Stick with those that have the highest rating.

  5. Make a List of Candidates
  6. Take both of your preliminary lists and narrow down your first three choices from each and combine them into a new list of six potential hires.

  7. Review Complete Profiles and Services Provided
  8. With freelancers you can always review profiles and services provided, but with writing services you have dig a little deeper. Speak with a customer representative at each company to get these details.

  9. Check Out Portfolios and Sample Works
  10. Again, freelancers can usually send you examples of their papers, but you’ll have to directly request these from a professional site. If they don’t provide them then it’s best to move onto another option.

  11. Check Out Customer Ratings and Reviews
  12. If you are able to access customer ratings and reviews look for tendencies that each of your potential hire has. For instance, some might be great communicators while others are great at meeting deadlines.

  13. Contact Writers Directly
  14. Next you want to make sure you can find a few things out from your potential hire directly. Try to gauge how willing they are to provide details about their work process to make sure he or she will be a good fit.

  15. Discuss Assignment Details
  16. Provide your assignment’s details and be sure the writer understands each component. Things to bring up are due dates, word or page counts, plus any specific sources you need to include.

  17. Discuss and Negotiate Rates
  18. Service providers should do all they can to win your business. This means you should be able to negotiate some rates to fit your budget. Don’t hesitate to bring the price on a single project down or get a discounted rate for multiple projects.

  19. Determine Refunds and Guarantees
  20. Make sure that you are clear about what guarantees a service provider can give. Also, make certain that you understand what their refund policies are if contract requirements aren’t met.

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