An Outstanding Academic Tutorial With Fresh Analytical Essay Writing Ideas

What is an analytical essay?

An analytical essay is an essay that analyzes the piece of work of someone else like a novel, book, essay, or journal.

The analytical essay will analyze the piece of work providing the following information:

  1. The main subject of the piece of work.
  2. The purpose for the author doing the piece of work.
  3. The writer’s take or perspective of what the author was trying to prove with the piece of work.
  4. How the work will affect the targeted audience.

The analytical essay will state the pros and cons of the work.

The analytical essay sometimes provides information on how the writer believes the work could be improved.

The essay will state the writer’s perspective of how the piece of work could have been written in a different manner.

The analytical essay always provides background information on the following items from the piece of work:

  1. Author of the work.
  2. Subject of the work.
  3. Biography of the author.
  4. The purpose of the piece of work.

Here is a step-by-step process to write an excellent analytical essay:

Step One: There is a process that you have do before actually writing the essay. You have to come up with a good subject matter for the essay.

Step Two: You must understand the main objective for writing the analytical essay.

Step Three: You must determine what will be written about regarding the subject matter and how it will be written.

Step Four: You have to come up with your own topic for the subject matter of the piece of work.

Step Five: You have to write the topic of the analytical essay in the form of a thesis statement. The thesis statement summarizes the topic and what the essay will be about.

Step Six: Now it is time to study and review the piece of work. With this phase of the writing process, you need to begin gathering information for the analytical essay.

Step Seven: After finish taking notes, it is time to place the notes into an outline.

Step Eight: Now it is time to write the analytical essay on the chosen piece of work.

Step Nine: It is time to write the introduction to the essay:

  1. Thesis statement.
  2. Brief description of the subject matter.
  3. Brief description of the topic.
  4. State the main points of your perspective on the topic.

Step Ten: Now it is time to write the body of the essay:

  1. Each main point will have their own paragraph.
  2. Each main point will have supporting evidence and facts.
  3. This is where you will analyze the subject matter very carefully.

Step Eleven: The final phase of writing the essay is the conclusion:

  1. This is where the readers are reminded of how your argument was proven.
  2. You have to reword the thesis statement in way that it reminds the readers of the main topic.
  3. This is where you convince the reader to agree with your argument on the subject matter.

Step Twelve: This where the writer of the analytical essay proofreads and edits it. The writer of the essay ensures that the analytical essay is corrected and ready to turn to the teacher.

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