Article Writing Help: Ratio between Price and Offer

There is a major difference between the price of an item and the offer that is received for that item. It is up to the seller to determine whether or not the offer made is one that is acceptable enough to let the item go for. There is a special ratio that can be calculated to determine the difference between the price and the offer amount, and using this formulation can help you better determine whether a deal is good or not.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are determining this ratio and whether or not you want to let your items go for this price.

  1. How much Time did it take to prepare the item that you are selling?
  2. How much did it cost to create this item? Do factor in your time and the cost of all of the materials, advertising, etc.
  3. How bad do you really want to sell the item? Some things are harder than others to sell, so if it is an easy item you may want to hold back on the offer that is initially made until you find further interest in the product.
  4. Will you still be able to make money on the product if the offer is accepted? You do not want to take a loss so make sure that you are still going to make money if you accept the offer by calculating your time and the materials versus the amount of money that you are offered.
  5. Is there value other than cash in the item that you want to sell? So many people oftentimes think of only cash and money as value, but this is not always the case and there are many other factors that could make the product a good value.
  6. Are there other perks with the offer? Again even if it is not cash there are some offers that are still valuable so do take the time to look at this.

When you need to determine if you should sell and item based upon the offer, use a ration calculator and take all of these things into consideration. Do not automatically jump at the offer and do not always assume that it is not a fair deal. Evaluate the situation as good as you can and then make this determination based upon what you have learned.

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