Essay Example is a very helpful Thing

When you are tackling an essay, the hardest part is knowing where to begin. You may be unsure about your thesis, or how to support your ideas. You may also be wondering about the best structure with which to write your paper. One of the best ways to determine the appropriate course for writing your paper is to look at example essays. Seeing how others approached the topic can help organize your thoughts or inspire new angles.

Examples of Thesis Statements

A thesis statement is the most important part of any essay. It tells your reader what you intend to prove and how you plan to prove it. A thesis statement contains complex ideas, and it can often be difficult to encapsulate all the ideas of your essay into a single sentence. Example essays can show you how other writers have handled this difficulty and provide a template for the best way to summarize your essay.

Examples of Supporting Ideas

Once you’ve developed your thesis, you will organize your topic sentences so that you can build an argument to support your thesis. This is more complicated than it sounds. Sometimes you will have a piece of evidence that supports two elements of your thesis; sometimes you will have to argue against your source material in order to prove your thesis. Example essays can show you the ways other writers have handled difficult supporting ideas, or evidence that would seem to countermand your thesis.

Examples of Useful Structure

Every essay is different. A simple five-paragraph essay will require you to make your points succinctly, but won’t provide much room for supplementary information or source materials. A longer research paper, however, requires you to expand on your ideas using background information and quotations. It may be helpful to use formatting to offset your ideas and separate arguments into manageable chunks. Check with your teacher to see what sort of format he or she prefers, and find examples use that type of format.

When you are in doubt about an essay, looking at examples of similar essays can be very helpful. Seeing how another student approached a confusing issue can provide you with the confidence to deal with a similar issue in your own paper. If your teacher doesn’t provide examples for you, there are plenty of essay examples available online.

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