Basic Directions On Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

What is a compare and contrast essay?
  • This type of research paper will take two to three subjects and do a compare and contrast of the topics to each other.
  • With compare and contrast papers, the writer determines the similarities between the subjects and the differences between the subjects.
  • It is good to write several characteristics of each topic in a detailed manner.
  • With this type of writing assignment, the writer will determine which subject matter is the best one out of the two or three.
How to write a good compare and contrast term paper?
  • The first step is to pick three topics or subjects for comparison and contrast.
  • The second step is to jot down some basic characteristics of the three topics chosen.
  • The third step is to determine how the subject matters are the same and how they are different.
  • The fourth step is to write a thesis statement or thesis question that clearly states the reasoning for the comparison and contrast of the three main subjects.
  • The fifth step is to create an outline of how the research paper will be organized.
  • The sixth step is to organize the term paper in the following manner:
    1. Introduction: states what will be compared and contrasted. Gives the thesis statement for the essay.
    2. Body: Each topic being evaluated will have its own paragraph with supporting facts and evidence.
    3. Conclusion: Will state the main differences and similarities of each subject matter. State which one is the writer’s favorite and why. Summarizes the results of the compare and contrast evaluation of the topics.
  • The seventh step is to ensure that each point of the compare and contrast is clearly discussed.
  • The final step to doing the essay is to ensure that the writer transitions from paragraph to paragraph in an eloquent and flowing manner.
Here are some good topics for a compare and contrast essay:
  • The different weather seasons (summer, winter, fall, and spring).
  • Cats vs. Dogs. Also, discussion of how certain animals are the same and different.
  • Romeo and Juliet vs. Othello
  • Shakespeare vs. Homer
  • Morning vs. Night
  • Real vacation vs. Stay-at-home vacation
  • Running vs. Walking as a good exercise program
  • Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Android Phone
  • Harry Potter movies vs. Harry Potter novels
  • Living off campus vs. Living on campus (while in college)

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