How To Compose A Good Exploratory Essay On Abortion

The name of this type of essay gives us a clue as to what it is. Exploratory essays investigate an issue according to questions generated in the essay; find evidence and information based on those questions and then provide those questions and answers to the audience. The subject can be anything from a person to issues and events. The text of the piece is a description of the subject and nothing more. That means that the writer’s opinions and emotions about the subject are not included in the text, nor is there a definitive answer. It is a simply an exploration of the subject.

It becomes increasingly difficult to keep your own personal feelings as a writer out of the essay when you are writing about a subject as emotive as abortion. However, it is imperative that you provide an overview of other people’s views on the subject and what has been happening around it without clouding it with your own judgments.

Read on below to find a more detailed guide on how to compose a great exploratory essay on abortion.

  • The Introduction
  • Start off the introduction by setting the scene. Provide some background information about the abortion issue so the audience can understand the context of the topic and the questions you will ask about it. Following that, tell the reader why this topic is important and why they should keep reading. Finally, state your thesis statement, which should be questions you want to ask about abortion and provide the reader with clarity about why you are interested in the topic.

  • The Body Paragraphs
  • In this part of the essay, you will highlight the information you have gathered about abortion through your research. Each paragraph should highlight only one issue. State the issues in order of importance with the most important coming first. Provide plenty of evidence and examples to back up your statements. Remember, the goal here is to provide information which is why you do not need to provide any answers or solutions. You are just exploring abortion and the issues surrounding it. Highlight the political issues around abortion. Highlight issues the woman undergoing abortion faces, including medical and health issues, societal pressure and mental wellbeing. Highlight the pressures faced by the family during this process including on husbands and other children the mother may have.

  • The conclusion
  • As described above, providing answers is not the aim of this type of essay. Instead, tie up the loose ends and the various strands of the arguments and conclude the essay.

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