The Title and First Paragraph - The Most Important Elements of Your Paper

When you are writing a paper the most important elements are the title and the first paragraph. The reason for this is because it needs to grab the attention of the reader. If you are not able to grab their attention at the beginning of the paper chances are they may not even make it through the rest of your paper to see what you are really trying to say.

Creating the Title

The title needs to allow the reader to know what the paper is about but t should also be interesting. You want the title to be catchy while also alerting the reader as to what you plan to discuss throughout the paper. Come up with a few titles and choose the one that sounds the best and is most likely to be catchy. You can let others look over the titles you have come up with as well and tell you which one they would be the most interested in.

Opening Sentence

The opening sentence of your paper is extremely important. You can keep the following things in mind when creating the best opening sentence for your paper:

  • Snappy and short
  • Sets the tone right away
  • Raises questions
  • Shocking or surprising

The sentences following the opening sentence should continue to talk about the paper and what will be addressed within it.

Thesis Statement

You will want to have a thesis statement that is correctly put together. You can get ideas for the thesis statements online or by looking at other papers. Make sure that your statement is still unique and is able to alert the readers as to what will follow while clearly stating your standpoint on the subject that is at hand.

While the title and first paragraph are the most important parts of your paper writing them does not have to be complicated. If you know what your paper is about and where you are going with it then you are going to find that you will be able to come up with a great title and first paragraph without a whole lot of effort. It might help for you to get your outline in order before trying to do this so that you can see where the whole paper will go. Remember to not over think the process because if you do you could end up confused on where to begin.

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