Organizing A Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Tips For High School

There are different ways to organize an essay; it mostly depends on the type you take on. When it comes to rhetorical analysis, the considerations become subtle. It deviates from the original to an assessment of the original in such a way as to give a shape to the original. The responsibility becomes huge.

Making a start

If you are a high school student burdened with such a task, there is every chance that the original work is renowned and there are too many resources to get a veritable idea about it. You make your start from there.

You should first script an introduction giving a passing idea about the texture of the original work. Herein, you will give a glimpse of the areas you will dissect. You may start vividly and strongly; the artistic merit obviously differs from individual to individual.

Scaling the work

You should then scale the work into the traction, note; syntax; conveying point. The writing flow should also be analyzed. You should give your opinion on whether the style is progressive or retrogressive; reader-friendly or fastidious.

You should also emphasize on the smartness or not of examples. Generally, works that have allegories and examples are read with greater vigor than banal works. You may pinpoint the accuracy of position or the dilution of effects of the examples.

Different types

You should focus on the didactic style of the writer. Has he directly come to the point? Has he let the readers warm up to the occasion before opening the rinds? Has he been too ahead of his times (1984 by Orwell) or stuck to existential problems (Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne)?

Measure the original work with complete perspicacity. Read it as an outsider and check out how it impresses you. Think of how such works impressed you in the past. Ask others about their feelings and absorb the tenacious gist of their perspectives.

Taking a side

You can end the rhetorical analysis essay by either recommending or refuting the original work. You need to have strong and convincing reasons behind your action. You cannot do it on a whim or fancy.

The job becomes easier for you as a student as you can discuss the same with your classmates and factor in their ideas on the subject. You may also take a look at some of the best rhetorical analysis pieces written to get a general and instructive idea.

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