Who Is A Good Person To Do A Research Paper On: 10 Great Suggestions

It might be daunting for you to think of the research paper assignment due in a few weeks.

It is for almost all the students. They need to find relevant data, choose a valid topic, find a potential gap and address it in their paper. They must be able to maintain the overall direction of the paper and choose the right structure and format. Unlike other academic assignments, this requires students to follow a certain format like APA, MLA, Chicago or custom format for the paper. They need to analyze each sentence that they include in the paper. Students often worry because this is their first time writing a research or term paper or they are not well aware of the subject

In order to write a great paper, you need to have a great topic and think about something really unique and interesting. If you want to write about a certain individual or person then you should talk about someone that inspires you or is a legend in his field. Remember to keep the instructions by your teacher in your mind and only choose that personality or topic which they will approve. Another critical part is to stay objective during this assignment. You may like a religious leader or a country hero, but you need to write about their life and achievements instead of passing biased comments. You may have to read reviews of different authors about the personality so that you can form a neutral opinion and understand the counter arguments you may have to refute

Below is a list of ten important personalities that you can make the topic of your research paper

  1. A religious leader or Prophet
  2. Albert Einstein
  3. Stephen Hawking
  4. Gautama Buddha
  5. Martin Luther king
  6. John F Kennedy
  7. Steve jobs
  8. Adolf Hitler
  9. The strength and firmness of this leader and his success despite a lot of opposition
  10. Michael Jackson
  11. Talk about the legendary musician and dancer Michael Jackson, show the peak of his career and the religious affiliations he developed in the last time of his life

  12. Lady Diana
  13. You can talk about the early life of Princess Diana and the changes after she married the prince. You can discuss how she was a style icon for the women across the world. You may also discuss the conspiracy she faced before her death in a car accident.

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