How To Compose A Good Essay On Corruption-Free Society 

If you want to write an essay on corruption-free society, you must start off by properly planning your paper. At this point, you have your topic, but now it is up to you to refine the topic so that it better fits the page length or word count requirements for your assignment. For example, if you have a five page paper, you will need to narrow down your topic with something like a time frame.

Example: write about how America was corruption free during the presidency of its first five presidents, but the gilded age led to increased money in the pockets of business tycoons who controlled oil and railroads. You can also narrow down your topic by focusing on a character or a person.

Example: write about how Mahatma Ghandi worked toward a corruption free society throughout the course of his life and what influences he had.

Other ways to narrow your focus is to write about one key idea, such as a definition article. Example: for a definition article, use examples from philosophy or from politics to define what a ‘corruption-free society’ actually is.

If you need to cover an essay that is upwards of fifteen to twenty pages, you will of course need to broaden your focus enough that you can adequately cover the key topic in the span of fifteen to twenty pages. You can broaden it by including multiple examples, multiple people, or multiple philosophical definitions.

Once you have decided on the direction your paper will take, it is time to start researching. You want to be very organized about your research. Have note cards of multiple colors with you so that you can take detailed notes and color coordinate them. For example: you can color coordinate your notes so that all of your key headings are on blue cards and all of your supporting evidence is one white cards. Alternatively, you can color coordinate your efforts so that each of your three key ideas is given a different color: the first key idea, both heading and supporting evidence, is blue while the second is pink and the third is white.

Use these cards to not only keep track of corresponding bibliographic information but to play around with the organization of your final piece. Use this organization to craft your outline and to then craft the first and final drafts of your essay.

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