Where To Find Well Written 500 Word Persuasive Essay About Creationism

Persuasive essays are those written to convince the reader and make him buy to the writer’s school of thought and also to buy into his idea of what he/she is trying to communicate. Therefore, one about creationism is that which is geared towards persuading the reader of the existence of the universe and that it was created by a Supreme Being that is all knowing, omniscient, omnipotent and has neither beginning of days nor end of life.

Such topics always raise more questions than answers thus it requires much care and tact in handling them to avoid hurting the feelings of those who subscribe to other different schools of though and own other concepts opposite of your beliefs.

Finding out best literary pieces about creationism thus requires a laid back attitude so that you strike a balance between fact and heresy.

This article tends to look at the areas where these essays can be found.

Theological writings

Theological writings by scholars who study the bible and other religious books can give an insight into the creation story thus easily elaborating how a persuasive essay about creationism can look like.

Since these scholars always come up with writings to prove either the scriptural or Quran teachings they provide a platform where one can learn the art of creationism through the persuasive essays that these scholars write about to qualify their studies and graduate.

Moreover, they also carry out research that prove worthwhile during their years of study and persuade the readers towards believing the stories, quotes and beliefs in the Bible and other religious books.

Scientific writings

These are also areas where one can obtain persuasive essays about creationism and use for future study and references. Works by scientists such as Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and even Albert Einstein the father of modern physics have extracts that tend to explain natural occurrences and give certain happenings to the existence of a Supernatural force that is not only invisible but powerful.

Since they are introducing concepts they always try to persuade their readers into believing the theories and hypothesis that are given. They explain the behaviour of phenomena and why they behave as such. In this way their writings are nothing short of persuasive essays on creationism.

New and bulletins

They also tend to give such examples of essays to the readers especially when reporting tragedies and occurrences that happened due to Mother Nature. Reporters persuade their readers towards what they believe happened thus creating the same picture. Reports on tornadoes, tsunamis have such formats.

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