Effective Tips To Help You Write A Great Essay About Love

Love is one of the most common essay topics at all levels. One wonders what has not been said about love. This will not stop your tutor from giving the same topic for your paper. How do you ensure that your paper stands out?

  • Choose an Interesting Title
  • The title of your paper is more than a group of words or a phrase at the top of the paper. The title gives the reader an idea of what to expect. With so many papers on love, you will need a new twist or perspective that will capture the imagination of your reader. You can provide a new twist to a mundane issue and still produce a great paper. The secret to writing a good title is to choose your words well and arouse the curiosity of your reader through your choice of words.

  • Make a Superb Introduction
  • The introduction of any paper determines the perception a reader adapts about the rest of the paragraphs. There are several ways of making your introduction to stand out.

    1. Use a quote- quote a renowned author, book, movie, personality, etc as you begin your paper. This will make the reader curious of the message you intend to pass with the rest of your paragraphs. It also provides a context in which you write your paper.
    2. Use statistics- a figure at the beginning of your paper passes a message that would require several paragraphs to pass. The statistics should be credible yet mind boggling. It is also advisable to use statistics that have not been used in other platforms yet are significant.
    3. Start with a story- a captivating story forms an incredible start to your work. It provides a context that will be used to expound on your topic.
  • Read Other Essays
  • There are numerous excellent papers written on love. Take time to read them and identify areas that have been tackled and others that are yet to be covered. It also helps you to identify a winning perspective of handling a common theme.

  • Avoid Common Issues
  • With so many papers on love, there are common themes that should be avoided. It is difficult to find or provide new material on such topics. Base your work on an emerging trend, a topic issue, a neglected concern, etc. It is a way of jolting the minds of readers into awareness and thus arousing curiosity. This will make your paper an excellent read.

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