Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering is major field of science that deals with the manner in which energy is controlled and used while in the process radiation being released from the nuclear reactions taking place. It takes in to account the various methods through which power reactors, nuclear fuel cycle facilities and by-products of nuclear power facilities are developed and designed for construction.

Nuclear engineering had continued to show its great significance in the day to day growth and development of our society whereby the navy greatly relies on nuclear engineers to ensure performance of the nuclear powered ships. Nuclear engineers also undertake various research projects on improvements on various nuclear power plants so as to diversify the use of nuclear energy in various utility companies. The research projects include sturdy of thermal stability on the various nuclear reactors, Chemical and mechanical stability of the reactors and analyzing the damage extent of the reactions. Nuclear engineering is of great significance in the provision of cost effective and environmental friendly forms of energy. Through nuclear fission generation of electrical and thermal energy has been significantly improved unlike when it required the use of natural gas and oil to power the generators so as to produce energy.

This acts as a form of regenerative energy which is required in the various global efforts being channeled towards development of environmental friendly, cost effective and great forms of energy forms. Use of Nuclear energy reduces the emission of carbon IV oxide into the atmosphere thus reducing the risk of global warming. Nuclear energy is increasingly on demand since it is a clean and efficient source of energy this is in relation to the increase in the global population.

Nuclear engineering is relevant to other related fields such as medicine whereby it examines various radio therapy and health physics by development of radio therapy and imaging devices so as to improve the quality of health status produced. Such equipment include CT scanning devices-ray devices and Magnetic resonance and imaging devices.

It is of great importance to take in to account the precautions while handling nuclear reactants since it has devastating damages to both the human population and the environment at large. Also the disposition of the various radioactive waste should be with extreme care since the isotopes can leak in to the environment and take longer period before being controlled. A perfect example of the nuclear accidents is the Chernobyl accidents whereby the plant leaked the radioactive isotopes causing massive environmental damages. As a nuclear engineer one should be able to take control measures and understand the hazardous effect of nuclear to the world.

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