English composition essay writing peculiarities

There are many things in an English composition essay that may seem peculiar to you and may have you struggling to complete the essay. If you find yourself stuck on completing an essay, take a look at some of the most common issues people have with completing English composition essays to determine if this may be your problem.

MLA vs APA vs New Oxford

What style are you writing the essay in? If you simply say "English," then you are lost and confused on what MLA, APA, and New Oxford English styles are. You need to know these things in order to complete the essay properly. While they are similar, there are some more differences. For example, the citation, commas, and even the way quotes are typed are different for all three. If your teacher has assigned your English composition essay to be written in MLA and you write in AP, you will be confused and make a poor grade. Learn the differences.

Different ways to do commas

Again, this will have to do with the style in which your essay must be written, but the majority of people have a problem with remembering where a basic comma should go in a sequence. For example, if you're writing your paper in MLA or New Oxford, and you have a series such as this "apples, bananas, and oranges" you would place the comma before "and." In AP, however, you would not place a comma there. This can be confusing for many but it one of the ways the styles of writing differ.

Citations and more

At the end of all essays, you should cite where you quoted words and facts from. If you don't know where you got the information, leave it out of your essay. Common knowledge (ie: the sun rises in East and sets in the West) does not need to be cited. Each style will list the way these things should be cited, and MLA often asks that you place the citation notes at the foot of each paper as well as create a whole "Works Cited" page.

Knowing the differences in writing styles (mostly MLA and AP) will definitely help you learn the different peculiarities of writing different essays. Professors will all have their own way they want these essays written, so always follow their rules to the letter to ensure the best grade you can receive on your English composition essay.

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