Ideas For Your Essay On How To Make Your School A Better Place

Students often think that their schools could be a much better place than they are. Still, when it comes to writing an essay about how their schools could be improved, people usually get puzzled. Why? Is it so hard to create an interesting topic?

Let’s see what interesting essay topics are, in general. To begin with, an interesting topic is one that excites the author of the project, in the first turn. If you are not interested in the subject you are researching, it’s very likely that the whole paper will look uninteresting, dull, and totally useless.

Then, an interesting topic is something that matches the audience. If you are at the stage of choosing, think about the people who are going to read your paper. If you are supposed to read the text aloud for your classmates, you should choose topics that are interesting for them. In case your essay participates in a competition, struggles for a grant for your school, etc., you need to choose topics that are interesting for funders, sponsors, officials, and so on.

Finally, think about the type of the project you are going to write. Will it be an argumentative or an informative project? Will you need to compare and contrast some features of your school with those of another one? Will you have to research the cause and effect connection that has brought your school to the condition that requires changes? Think about all the arguments (and their sources) that you are going to use. Make sure that they are reliable enough or, if you use your own emotions, ideas and desires, that they sound sensible and interesting.

Below, you will find a list of suggested ideas. Similar lists are available on the Internet, too.

  1. Suggest the ways to support newcomers in your school through their first months.

  2. Suggest the ways to fight school bullying and protect those who give way to bullies.

  3. Suggest the ways to improve school security, so that children are safer within the school.

  4. How can teachers make their classes more interesting for students?

  5. Which subjects should be taught better in your school? Which are overestimated?

  6. Should classes last longer with bigger breaks between lessons?

  7. Should students have more time to speak their mind in class?

  8. Should students receive more creative tasks like academic writing, etc.?

  9. How would you re-plan the studying process for the sake of more effectiveness but less tension on students?

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