The role of the University

There are millions of people without university education all over the world. These people may never enjoy their potential to its peak. They lack the necessary skills, knowledge, and drive to achieve such top performance. They are also disadvantaged because the society is made up of those with university education too. Persons with university education stand a better position in understanding the past, current or future environments. They position themselves strategically to reap the most if not all benefits from any scenario. The world today is very competitive, and every person needs to have some university education.

A university is an institution of higher education mostly joined by young adults after high school. It’s not a surprise to see mature adults enroll in university education. Joining a university is a learning experience in itself. The university brings together people from all walks of life and assembles them at one spot “the university.” There will be those from a culture dissimilar from yours and others from diverse countries with different beliefs or religion and so on. At the university, every student learns to appreciate, live and mingle with these people. This is one of the reasons why people with university education relate better than those without.

The world today is more complicated than it was fifty years ago. It’s driven by knowledge, information and new ideas as the main drivers of economic growth. The university has a role to keep proving the needed knowledge and skills to meet the current increasing global demand. Research has shown that people with university education may earn up to two times over a lifetime than those without. They also contribute more to the economy.

Many leaders are university graduates and where they are not, the difference in leadership and service delivery is evident. Universities should remember that future leaders are under their care and should therefore train those leaders on best practices. It will be easy to blame the university if the democracy of any individual, state or country is threatened.

The university are so many, broad and diverse roles, making it very difficult to narrow them down. Worth noting, the university should gear itself up to train and give the community human capital of the highest caliber. Universities have to keep broadening their roles to cover all quarters of life since. The society largely depends on their output.

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