Personal Essay Tips: be resourceful and creative

Many students fear and dread the application essay that comes with applying to the college of their dreams. Keeping some important writing tips in mind can really help you be successful with you application essay and help you shine for the college selection committee.

  1. The personal essay is not the time to brag about how good you are, even if they ask you to talk about something you did or something that happened to you. They want you to analyze and critically look at the topic you are writing about and present compelling thoughts and ideas that are well thought out, supported, and applicable to your topic. This is not a book report so you really have to step up your writing for college application papers!
  2. Be sure you are professional and analytical in everything you write. Remember that the admissions team uses this application to see what sort of student you and to determine if they want to let you into the program or not. This is often the only chance you have to impress them, so make sure your paper is strong, focused, factual, and interesting.
  3. You must be resourceful and look at the assigned topic closely. Though the topic may seem very focused there usually are several different ways you can interpret the topic or write it. The committee is looking for how creative you are and whether you go with the obvious and easy route or whether you think for yourself and try to forge new paths and new ways of looking at things and tacking problems. So make sure this paper lets you shine.
  4. Plan ahead when you begin writing and give yourself enough time to do at least 2 revisions on the paper before sending your application in. Your academic future is on the line so make sure you do it right!
  5. Be creative and let the essay show who you are. The committee members likely sit and read through hundreds of applications and have seen many of the same papers over and over again. Be creative and give them something new to look at. It can go a long way in helping you stand out from the crowd and get noticed. It might even help you get accepted by showing that you can be professional, organized, and also creative. These are traits that any good college student needs so it is great to be able to demonstrate it in your application paper.

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