Avoiding Common Mistakes while Writing Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays are written in order to explore an objective argument that will be proven with analytical facts that are backed up by factual research. However, many people are misled by the nature of persuasive essays, and seem to believe that the essay should prompt their own personal perspective in the writing piece. There are many faults that come with this line of thinking. In order to de-myth the notion that your persuasive essay is a way to expose your personal beliefs or values, there are a couple of rules that should not be broken while writing your persuasive piece.

There is no “I” in Persuasive

The biggest blunder in writing a persuasive piece is making it all about you. Many may believe that they are not, in fact, focusing on themselves. However if you take a little bit of a closer look at your essay, and you find “I”s scattered around the page, you are not writing a persuasive essay correctly. While it is tempting to write from a first person perspective, it is not acceptable to use “I” in a persuasive essay. In your revision process, take a look at how many “I”s are repeated, if there are any. Highlight the ones that appear and then go back to read through the essay and find ways to restate the sentence. For instance, if you say “I think the world is changing for the better” switch the sentence to “The world is changing for the better” and then back up your statement with facts or logic. This will take the authority away from you, as an author, and replace the information with something factual and more believable for the reader to be persuaded by. This is the first step of writing a solid persuasive essay.

Engaging the Reader

With a persuasive piece, it is important to get the reader involved in the correct way. If you frame the piece as an objective analysis, the reader will be less tempted to judge the piece based as your opinions. If the essay is presented as it is your sole opinion, it will not hold to be being persuasive, and the reader will be spending the time deconstructing your essay by finding ways to counteract your points before finished reading. This will not help the end result of your essay, so it is best to distance your voice as the author in your persuasive piece.

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