Secure Code Reviews within System Architecture & Applications

Code review is an important aspect of computer program and application development, the process may involve only the members of the code developing team or in some instances they may decide to bring in a third party to conduct the review. Introducing a security analyst from outside the team commonly used in cases complex codes that are meant to hold confidential information maybe for a company or the government, a relatively simpler code meant for leisure and basic user interaction maybe effectively developed and reviewed by the same team before they ship it to the end users..

Programmers have their different ways and styles of coding which makes code review, a major nesssecity in identifying major issues and strings of bad code that might cause failure or malfunction. The reviewer should have the intense knowledge and understanding of the code as they are supposed to test and report on the security of high risk codes which will include managing of a user interface, password authentication and authorization, account management and also accessibility control, In cases where the codes are supposed to hold confidential information the reviewer should ensure a thorough security plumbing is conducted so as the completely shield the code form injection attacks. .

The architecture of a code should always include a written and published security policy that will cover the code and also include a risk analysis documentation which can then be scrutinized by the reviewer for the purpose of ensuring effective analysis. There should also be a list of security regulations which should be complemented by a list of assumptions and conditions that were used in the process developing the list of regulations’. The reviewer uses this to try and break into the code by conducting a manual review assuming the capacity of a potential sophisticated end user and this way he identifies the weaknesses and the strongholds of the code. .

Once the review is done, all the technical and code issues are then reported to the developing team which will either choose to adapt the recommendations of the reviewer or decide to improve the code using their way. In my conclusion I would advocate for every code developer or team of developers should consider a conducting a code review everytime they develop something new as this will help them ship the best codes and also save them on time and money that would be used in restructuring of the code incase they publish it and it fails.

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