How important is your Essay Introduction

Essay writing can be a hard task for you if you aren’t good at writing or don’t enjoy researching a topic. A lot of students get overwhelmed with their essay assignments, and not just because of a lack of writing talent. These days, students have to work part time to afford school, and that leaves little time left for doing a good job on your homework. If you’re reading this to find out how to write a good essay, it really is all about the introduction.

How to Write an Essay Introduction

I actually believe the introduction is so important that you should write it last. This is the part of your essay that your teacher will judge the rest of it by. Imagine you were entering an essay contest, or in a situation where the reader didn’t have to keep reading. Your introduction would need to grab them from the beginning.

Writing an introduction isn’t hard, but there are easier ways to go about it. If you do choose to leave it for last after writing your body paragraphs and conclusion, here are some benefits to that choice:

  • You’ll be able to reference things you mention later in the essay in your introduction so that it ties together your ideas.
  • Once you’ve finished the rest of the essay, it makes it easier to summarize your points and introduce them.
  • When you write it last, your introduction will carry the same tone and style of writing as the rest of your essay instead of being awkward like most starts are.

There you have some ways that writing an introduction last instead of first where you can see how it helps. This is especially true with technical or research heavy essays. Personal essays can still benefit from this method, but it isn’t as critical.

In general, an introduction is still important whether you write it first or last. If you choose to outline your essay, you’ll probably include details about your introduction in that. Then from there, you can plan when to write your introduction and what you want to include in it. Your introduction will really make or break your essay; a great one will pull in your reader and keep them interested. A poorly written introduction will make a reader stop reading or bore them into giving you a low grade. Make sure you are accurate with what you say in your introduction so it reflects the rest of your essay.

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