Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students: 25 Great Examples

Choosing argumentative essay topics for college is the task that every student meets during their college or university days. Selecting an interesting topic for essay which is argumentative can help students to score additional points that will improve their overall grade. If you think choosing eye-catchy and argumentative topic is difficult for you then look for inspiration from other resources.

Study news

Students must stay updated and know which topics are popularly discussed today. Remember, appealing to public’s interest will help students to encourage people read their essays. They best part about this technique is the news which is represented from different angles. Students may select news which they can argue in their paper much easier.

Follow popular threads on social networks

Many people make use of internet today and spend extended hours in front of their system and this can result in lots of debate. Follow the public blogs and pages to get great ideas of some controversial topics to argue.


Students may visit public gatherings and participate in chats to people about different things which will give them an idea for argumentative papers. The process of selecting an argumentative topic for your essay will also give you the chance to view the public’s potential reaction to your essay.

Some of Great Examples of Argumentative Topics for Essay

  1. Is death penalty effective today?

  2. Is election process is genuine?

  3. Is Torture acceptable?

  4. Should males get maternity leaves from work?

  5. Is Lottery a feasible option?

  6. Do we have legitimate taxation system?

  7. Do curfews protect the teens from trouble?

  8. Is patriotic education essential?

  9. Which is better, urban living or living in rural areas?

  10. Importance of optional energy sources

  11. What are pros and cons of conservatism?

  12. Is competition good?

  13. Does religion causes conflicts?

  14. Homework is harmful or helpful?

  15. Is the college admission too expensive?

  16. Should students be allowed for grading their professors?

  17. When parents must allow their teens to take own decisions?

  18. Does age matter a lot in developing relationships?

  19. Should gay marriage be allowed?

  20. Do videos games cause behavioral changes in kids?

  21. Are beauty pageants exploitive?

  22. Are there any benefits to attend single sex school?

  23. Is boredom results in trouble?

  24. Should alcohol advertising be legalized?

  25. Is global warming is myth or real threat?

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