Capitalist Market

Different governments around the world operate based on specific principles. They use a model to help them get resources and things needed in order to provide needs for their society. There are different models many are familiar with such as socialist, communist and capitalist. A nation such as the United States operates with capitalist elements. This affects such concepts including the market system, property ownership and free enterprise. For many people who are unhappy with their government and how things operate within their society, it is likely due to the model they are structured to operate from.

Also known as capitalism, such aspects mean a government recognizes rights and abilities of people who are a member of their society. For instance, this may include the right to own property or have a reason to earn money with the intention to invest in land or property. You can engage in business negotiations that include a contract with terms in relation to selling and buying property. You can leave property to another person through a will. Businesses are able to do the same thing with variations.

Free enterprise includes the ability to provide services at any time you want. Individuals and businesses can take on entrepreneurial spirit and start their own venture with the purpose of providing necessary services and/or products. You have the control to start a business if you feel your skills and abilities are up for the challenge. Businesses are able to produce and manufacture products in various markets they feel are profitable.

Governments often do not set a price for products and goods sold, but they provide lead way on how products and services are available. When the demand is on the rise then prices will rise and if there is more of a supply of something the price falls.

While many people may not be happy with their government due to certain laws and restrictions, in a way their role is limited in this case. When it comes to managing resources of their society they may not have complete control. This is where business owners assume the role since they created the business or service and has a better idea of where the need is for it. The government may set rules and regulations for individuals and businesses to abide and provide essential services such as police protection, but many services it provides are funded through tax payers.

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